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What We Do

Acoustic Shield is an acoustic sensor technology company. Our flagship product is a uniquely tuned gunshot detector aimed at reducing the response time in active shooter situations, and ultimately, saving lives.


traditional response time 3 to 15 minutes

The Impact of Time

In the United States it is an average of 3-15 minutes after a gunshot before the police and first responders are notified. Three minutes is a long time, fifteen minutes is a nightmare.

This is not the fault of law enforcement. More often than not, when a gun is fired the average person is not in the correct mental landscape to notify 911 and first responders correctly.

Acoustic Shield technology can bring this notification time from 3 to 15 minutes to near instantaneous, giving law enforcement faster notification and location information.

acoustic shield response time less than 1 second

Who We Are

Our team combines a mix of talents and a passion to change the world. Find out who the people are behind Acoustic Shield.

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